Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Meeting da police...

After vacations, partyweekends and a lot of time off we are back on track on this movie making journey. This time John Palmer meets the local swedish police office by the name of Mr Starck played by Tommy Bech. But let's take us from the beginning...

Based on the fact that we had limited access to the location, actors and crew I (Fredrik Larsson) decided to shoot regardless if it rained or not. On saturday the 23th of august 2008 it literally poored down through the sky and I checked the weather every hour and it was supposed to be only a few drops of rain. But on sunday morning it was still raining though not heavily. We decided to take a quick detour and pick up a party tent to put over the outhouse furniture and use that as a cover. After a while of trying to figure out how to build the cover it finally turned out pretty ok.

While the crew worked on getting all the gear up and running Tommy chills and reads a local newspaper. It's such a hard work being an actor... ;)

Lee Friman, director and makeup for the day fixes John Palmer's wound.

Some instructions and discussions about the shootorder.

The soundboy, MÃ¥rten Cervin, is really focused on listening.. is it wind or what is it? Yepp, it's wind..

Behind the dirtbag the camera hides. It's raining so a temporary raincover will have to do. The cameraoperator, Kjell Lindman, don't need a raincover - we all know that humans are rainproof, right?

The first shoot of the day turned out pretty ok though we ran a bit late... well, a LOT late...

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