Thursday, June 12, 2008

Welcome to the island...

It's 4 AM on the 11th of june 2008 and we are thundering across the Scanian landscape. A discussion arises if the sun has already rosen and I assure my friends that it hasn't risen yet even though it's pretty light. As we reach the beach of "the island" titled "The Hammer" we wonder were the sun will rise. And then a faint cloud in the distance is painted pink, more intense than any other place on the horizon. We are all confident that there is were the sun will rise. After a bit of panic and fetching the camera we get some nice shots of the sun. It's a beautiful, beautiful morning. I am very happy.

As you can see it turned out perfect. The wind was quite heavy so the steadicam rigged swayed a bit and we still haven't got the dolly-kit. But it turned out to be a very, very nice day. We worked at a hefty pace to. Four hours for what will be about a 2 minute shot. Unfortunately we forgot to take a close up picture of the radio... I hope to fix it asap.

That's all for now. /Fredrik Larsson